Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weekend Frontier

We almost never see movies in a theatre anymore, but hey, it's the new Star Trek! Ya need a big screen for that. Only the second weekend, and it was a cold, gray day, so we expected a crowd and left ourselves plenty of time.

Um, guess we didn't need to do that. Maybe two dozen people were there, including us. But we loved it, the people behind us loved it, the guy in front of us, conducting the music and pumping his fist in the air definitely loved it, and I bet you will, too. (Unless you're expecting a Gene-Rodenberryesque-social-sci-fi-informed-by-the-Cold-War kind of treatment. It's not that.) But folks, it was awesome.

Bird nest update: Cold again, still gray and drizzly. Must take back my remark about the male robin; he's bringing food to the nest, and I think he even takes a turn sitting now and then, though not as regularly or for as long as the male mourning dove did. I can't tell the two robins apart ("I'm a librarian, Jim, not an ornithologist!") but I think he spells her so she can stretch her wings and get a bite to eat herself. Here's how they look on Day 3:


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, my goodness! They've hatched! How precious.

So Star Trek the new movie was good? I'm a trekkie from way back. (grin) My fav is Voyager, then next the oldest Star Trek, along with the movies, then the rest. (grin)

Clytie said...

Ooooohhhh must shake the dilithium crystals once more and boldly go to the final frontier and view this wonderful creation! Thanks for the review!