Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh, Autumn, How Could You?

Mother Nature, I thought we were pals. But first Irene's brackish floods turned the leaves from green to brown with no inbetween, and now this, the untimely arrival of, I won't say its name. I will only say where, oh where, are the crunchy piles of rainbow-colored leaves and the smell of woodsmoke in dry, crisp air? Release my rosebuds from these individual miracles of crystallization instantly, I insist! Really. Am putting my foot down. And then, wiping it carefully before coming back inside, because it is snowing out there. (Oops!)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanks For Pointing That Out!

You know you're in California when even the traffic signals direct your attention to the natural wonders surrounding you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If You've Filled It, They Will Come

...the wee, greedy sparrows, that is...and they will bicker and spat like the Three Stooges with wings. They'll be so busy tussling, in fact, they won't even notice they're being recorded.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A New Leaf

Oh, look at that; I've been away so long Blogger has gone and changed the dashboard on me. Well, let's see if we can't get this party (re)started. The pond lily above posed for me at Longhouse Preserve on a recent Saturday roadtrip I took with my brother. We visited the South End Cemetery in East Hampton, where the caretaker powered down his weedwhacker long enough to talk about some of the interments and gossip a little about former locals like Lee Krasner, for whom he provided landscaping services. We also hit a couple of tag sales and stopped at the Big Duck, in addition to strolling Longhouse, which combines gardens with outdoor sculpture. Then we headed back and to the north, broke the fast with the Bode clan, and finally headed home. Stella Luna put on two hundred and twenty-five miles! (She's usually a homebody, but she loves to get out and kick up her hubcaps sometimes.)