Sunday, January 2, 2011

Something Old, Something New Year

It's nice to start the year with something new, which is what we got at Fire Island yesterday: icebergs! Icebergs floating past us as we walked along the beach below the lighthouse. Much smaller than the ones in Juneau, but much closer to home.

Here's a photo of Ken in front of the icebergs. For scale, of course.

The sun was out on the causeway, and so was the welcome wagon:

It was otherwise quiet along the shore, and barren but for some seagull's lunch wrapper:

We did see this fine example of the elusive "Moe Howard" variety of seaweed:

and the eversharp eye of Ken spotted this squee-ishly small starfish. Just look at it next to my monstrously large forefinger:

Anyway, Happy New Year. Hope everyone's year really "goes to eleven." In a good way.