Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh, Autumn, How Could You?

Mother Nature, I thought we were pals. But first Irene's brackish floods turned the leaves from green to brown with no inbetween, and now this, the untimely arrival of, I won't say its name. I will only say where, oh where, are the crunchy piles of rainbow-colored leaves and the smell of woodsmoke in dry, crisp air? Release my rosebuds from these individual miracles of crystallization instantly, I insist! Really. Am putting my foot down. And then, wiping it carefully before coming back inside, because it is snowing out there. (Oops!)

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Clytie said...

NO! Say it isn't SO!!!

I heard about the "east coast storm" that is hitting this weekend, but I haven't heard how long it's supposed to last!

So ... I am channeling my good thoughts to Mother Nature ... no more SNOW for the east coast, no more RAIN for the west coast ... let's have some beautiful crisp AUTUMN days!