Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crowded House

Things are getting a bit crowded in chez spruce tree. Let's see: I think they were born on the 14th, so it should be only a day or two before they start moving out; they should all leave within a day of one another, and then remain under cover on the ground, in separate locations, still being fed by their parents while they hop around, learn to hunt their own food, and in a week or two, develop the ability for sustained flight. That's the best-case scenario, and it may happen for one of them, or none; according to this University of Michigan site, only a quarter of young robins survive their first summer. The breeding pair that raised these three will probably produce another clutch of eggs this season, but the female will build a new nest in a different tree. Truly, these are some hard-working parents; all day every day has been devoted to brooding, feeding, hauling away waste, and feeding again, about every fifteen minutes during daylight hours. (Yes, I have spent quite a lot a time watching them. I figure I won't have another opportunity like this, and it's my vacation, okay?)


Clytie said...

What a wonderful video! They have grown up so fast! It's so crowded it's a wonder they haven't pushed each other out of the nest yet! I do hope they make it, though it sounds like the odds are somewhat against them.

kenny said...

They have the red breast markings already and I think that there will be a shoot out soon for more room. Great shots.