Friday, May 29, 2009

The Last Lonely Eagle

Okay, not an eagle. The last of the robins. Early in the morning, I saw there were still two in the nest, and then I wandered to the back of the yard to look at the clematis, which had just bloomed. I noticed a big *splat!* of white on a lower branch of the scrub pine, and another on the dark brown mulch below that. Well, I can put doo and doo together...and looking up I found the little one who'd jumped out yesterday! He's a good 12-14 feet up in that pine tree, where I hope he's safe for now. Just before we left for work, around noon, I checked the nest and there was only the one above, left all alone and looking so fierce, I didn't dare get closer, so I apologize for the poor focus. I have no idea where the second one went.
Needless to say, Fiona remained in lockdown today, and she can't wait until this is over. Her favorite chair is right next to the tree! And she has a lot of napping to do out there!
Can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow. My friend Anne Marie is right - I need to ask for birdternity leave....

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Clytie said...

I can certainly see why you called him an eagle - he's sure giving you the "eagle eye"! What a good birdy mommy you are! Thank you for sharing these precious moments. You are fortunate indeed to be witnessing them firsthand!