Monday, May 18, 2009

Other Denizens Of The 'Burbs

Welcome to Jurassic Park! What with the birds and lizards, we're rockin' a prehistoric vibe here in the backyard habitat. The Italian wall lizards are more numerous and somewhat less skittish than last year. (By "less skittish" I mean it takes them two nanoseconds to disappear, instead of one. See how much closer I got to this one? Thank you, zoom lens.)
And here below, a tiny dancer, who's probably trouble in search of a tender green shoot, but today, I'll live and let live.

(New baby bird photo from today is on my Facebook page.)


Clytie said...

Two very amazing photos - absolutely love the lizard! And you can actually see the web of the, er, hangie grubby thing!

Kenny said...

You definitely have a way with words. The lizards are plentiful and the wildlife is fierce.