Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just Throwin' It Out There

I need your help. Obviously.

Reduced to this, am I?

This is my fridge. NOW what?
I love the way my fridge looks: I have no complaints, really:
Seems to be full of healthy food; eggs, veggies, real butter, real mayo, some hummus. skim milk (okay, half and half as well), wheat germ, yogurt (in the back there, not visible) but WTF do I make for dinner? (I have a turkey breast and some veggie meatballs in the freezer. And a pound of bacon in the meat drawer.)
All I need is someone to pull it all together and cook for me.
Don't all three of you answer at once.


Steve Rogg said...


Neil J Murphy... said...

"Reservations"? So says the man who went to a prestigious East Coast cooking school AND who taught me how to make perfect mashed potatoes?

I see bacon-wrapped turkey breast sometine soon....

Anonymous said...

How about letting your husband cook. He also filled that refrigerator.

Sharon said...

Thank you - all are excellent ideas!