Sunday, March 2, 2008

Next Week: The Cabinets Under My Kitchen Sink!

Just kidding. But I do want to update you on the fridge contents: DH made vegetarian meatloaf, mashed potatoes and string beans for dinner last night, and above you'll see a shot of the bacon's ultimate fate, as French toast accompaniment this morning. Sorry that one's not quite in focus, but it was still before 9 a.m. on a Sunday. A beautiful Sunday, sunny and brisk and almost spring, as evidenced by this, the first one to bloom in the yard:


Neil J Murphy... said...

Last night I made chicken-fried bacon.

It was gooood.

Anonymous said...

Who's DH?

Anne Marie

Sharon said...

DH is Dear Husband.

Chicken-fried bacon? How do you do that?

(I guess this mean Sherry's out of town?)

Anonymous said...

I thought DH stood for Duh Husband!!!
You really were out of focus there>

Sherry said...

Sherry is now back in town and you are in soooo much trouble, DH.

Sherry said...

BTW, that's a crocus, right?

(I'm practicing for my future garden on my future land around my future home in my future state in another lifetime.)

Sharon said...

Yes, that's a crocus!