Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lights! Squad Cars! Action!

And no, again no camera on hand. (It was dark out; we were just on our way to meet friends for dinner, friends who hate being photographed...why would I have a camera?)
The traffic light in front of us was just about to change when two police cars with lights flashing came careening onto Sunrise from the north side of the intersection, and then, from the south side, just as the light changes, come a handful of people running full speed across the highway in front of us. All but one of them are in uniform. Whoa! A genuine fleeing criminal! (Usually we have to be at work to see this.) The guy - tall, white or Hispanic, dark jeans, dark hooded sweatshirt, close-cropped dark hair - (see, there was plenty of light from the gas station, I wish I'd had that camera...) the guy was fast, and was getting ahead of the cops (who were going full tilt but those utility belts have gotta be weighing them down; they carry more stuff than Batman) however by now those patrol cars had turned around and were in close pursuit of the suspect as we pulled away and continued east.
Dinner was very nice, if anticlimactic.

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