Monday, January 7, 2008

What's The Moral Of This Story?

"Did you bring your camera?"
DH asks me this as we start off around the park. "I thought you were going to document your walks," he said.
"Pfft!" I replied. "This kind of day makes for a boring photo in this park: it's overcast, slightly humid so things aren't crisp, no evergreens or blue spruce or fresh snow for color contrast, just gray and light brown and, and... look at the ugly sludgy muck of leaves and debris in the pond.
Sure, there's a wasp's nest, but it's too high up and it's gray like everything visual oomph."
On and on I blather like that for the first mile-and-a-half circuit. DH takes off to run the next loop, and I continue walking.

Over the bridge.
Where I see the backhoe.

There's a bright yellow Caterpillar in the water, up to its lugnuts, scooping leaves into the bed of a sky-blue truck, while men in dark green uniforms chainsaw dead branches off trees nearby.
Just...just popping out of the gray-brown-white background of trees.

Oh yeah: the moral is: always bring your camera.


Anonymous said...

OK, bring the camera. Most importantly though, what does DH mean? Duh Husband?

Sharon said...

It means "Dear Husband."