Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Creationists In Attendance Here

Robert Redford narrates the Hayden Planetarium's new show, Cosmic Collisions, which we saw on Sunday. It's a mind-boggling look at the formation of the Earth and moon, and the role these unimaginably huge impacts had, and continue to have, on the formation of our galaxy and others. On the way out, a man behind me in the crowd remarked to his friend, "Boy, that Robert Redford sure is smart."

After that, we hit the IMAX theater for Dinosaurs Alive! which, while it was a whole lotta fun to watch, reminded me that you really, really have to be dedicated to - no - enthralled with your subject to be a paleontologist, as so much of the work involves tramping around inhospitable terrain and the tedious cleaning of things with tiny brushes.

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