Sunday, January 6, 2008

Resolutional Zeal Is Maintained!

But of course, the year is still young. Lots of time left to drop the ball, but! So far, so good:

The day before yesterday, DH and I stopped at the park on the way home from work and
did 1.5 miles around the park. Then yesterday, I did a 3.5-mile-loop around town here, and made an important discovery: my neighborhood is extremely boring. It might be the deflated Christmas balloons and grimy wire-armature penguins and reindeer on every lawn; they are exquisitely dismal on an overcast January morning. But hey, three and a half miles! (I measured it with string on a street map after I got home. Like the pros do.)

Sunday there was no walking, but there was some strolling through the AMNH.

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