Sunday, January 20, 2008

Circle of Life and All That

And to think I almost left my camera home again...
On our walk yesterday, DH and I were lucky enough to see some real wildlife, a red-tailed hawk that had caught a squirrel.
Here I thought I was the squeamish type: can't watch slasher flicks, clean a chicken, dispose of a dead bird, or even make hamburger patties without feeling slightly ill. Yet it didn't disturb me to watch the hawk eat lunch. (Okay, there's one shot where you can see the squirrel's face, and that is kinda sad. But overall, no.) Raptors gotta eat, and for all we know the squirrel was sick and slow and sufferin' and now he's gone out in a blaze of glory; way better than getting run over by a car. It was great to be able to observe it so closely. (Um, the hawk, not poor Rocky there...)
Oh, and for the non-squeamish amongst you, there's a few more shots on my Flickr page, and a
half-minute video here.

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Sherry said...

So let me get this's perfectly fine to stare for minutes or hours at gore and violence in the animal kingdom online (or off,) but it's unacceptable to spend 15 minutes a day looking at your checking account, credit card and investment accounts? Oh, I have so much more to learn about you....