Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Quiet?

"Library quiet?"
I'd guess the retailer wants to emphasize how very quiet this unit is, and perhaps where they come from, libraries are very quiet. All I can say to them is: welcome to New York City. How can I help you?....(louder)I said,
How can I help you?
I'm also intrigued by the "stainless steel flavorizer bars" noted on the grill to the left.


The Words Crafter said...

*grin* Um, what's a flavorizer bar? And, can I get one to insert into my pots and pans? I love this! Thanks for posting it...(sorry, I forgot to be quiet...)

Clytie said...

Okay ... I'm at a loss at the 'flavorizer bar' as well. Something new? A cocktail perhaps???

Our local library is always somewhat quiet, but over the years I've noticed a lot more people are there, and I like the low hum of voices I hear nowadays.

Neil J Murphy said...

"stainless steel flavorizer bars" are just v-shaped lengths of steel that the grease from the grill drips onto, sending semi-toxic smoke up into your food.