Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Fiona!

Since we don't know exactly which day in July Fiona was born, I just pick a random day to celebrate her birthday. Let today be the day!
Can you believe this agile little girl is fourteen already? Look at her hop that fence like a teenager coming home late:

It seems like only yesterday she arrived...

She was a wild little weeks-old kitten, rescued from the feral life (quite against her will) by my sister Janet, who brought her to us on August 24th, 1995. We were still mourning our mild-mannered, highly-affectionate cat, Mouse, who'd died just a few weeks before at the age of seventeen, and darned if this scrappy little furball wasn't the spitting image of him.
Quite literally spitting, at my sister who'd rescued her, at the hand that fed her, and at everyone else in the vicinity. It was a long time before she settled in, and while she's never been a lapcat, she does seek out our companionship, and we know she loves us. In her way.
Anyway, here's how she'll spend her birthday, and pretty much every other day, this summer:

She'll get up early and make her rounds before it gets too warm. (See movie above.)

If the humans are having coffee in the screenhouse, she'll join them there.
She'll eat breakfast alfresco, and wave to us with her tongue as we leave for work.

She'll spend time inside the screenhouse. No, outside. No, inside. No, outside. Wait! Both at once!
There's feline nirvana in this fabric wall, which allows her to be Inside and Out at once.

She'll have a nap. Maybe ten. When she hears the car return, she'll come to greet us/demand dinner. And we, being her humans, will comply.


Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Fiona. And many more.

Cynthia said...
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Clytie said...

Happy birthday Fiona! What a happy looking kitty. I love the bottom photo of her stalking through the plants, very intent on getting to her destination.

Sherry said...

Sigh. If we must. Happy Birthday, Fiona....While you really are an ingrate sometimes, you have the best human Mom in the universe and you are one lucky dog. (Oops! Did I insult you Fiona? How careless of me.)