Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gaudy Girls And A Syrphid Fly

This lantana, above right, is quite the show-off in the sunshine, especially next to the blue campanula. It's been impossible (for me) to get a satisfactory shot of the flowerheads for some reason. There are too many florets, somehow, for the focusing to ever look perfect. Oh well.
These little hoverflys are exquisite for their size; here's one on top of a lavender spike for scale. I found out what kind they were by submitting this photo to, which is a very helpful site for the amateur naturalist.

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Clytie said...

What gorgeous flowers! I love it when flowers are shown in contrast. So many people (myself included) tend to focus on one flower at a time. I see I need to branch out a little!

I have never seen a hover fly (syrphid sounds too much like something you'd take Penecillin for, tee hee) but it looks very pretty. How did you manage to capture it mid-flight like that? Wow!