Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Now?

I think I have some kind of bark beetle. Well, not me personally, but the pine tree in back. Its foliage has been yellowing for a few years now, though it gets new growth every year. Then last week I noticed these holes. They could be from insects, or just from woodpeckers or sapsuckers (who would be going after...umm...insects. Shoot.) It will be sad if we lose this one, planted as it was from a wee sapling some thirty-odd years ago by either my brother or my sis. (Two were planted, one survived, we're not sure which.) The holes aren't random, they're kind of in a straight line, ringed around the trunk. A couple of hapless ants are immortalized in the sap droplets. Apart from the holes, I don't see any tunneling along the inner layers, under the bark (which has always, to my memory, peeled a lot, so that might be normal. I don't know what kind of tree it is exactly.) So, I'm hoping it's birds, as maybe that would mean the grubs are gone and the tree can recover. It's putting out new growth at the tips as usual, so for now I will fight the invaders with organic weapons like insults and regular watering.


Steve Rogg said...

You may have southern Pine beetles although you are at the very northern end of their range take a look at this page

I would take the tree down so it doesn't come down on it's own. One thing I did learn in Forest and Shade Tree Pathology was that the little problem you see on the outside of the tree is most likely running four feet inside the tree in both directions.

Steve Rogg said...
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Steve Rogg said...

Let's try that again, very long web page

Sherry said...

You know, you immortalize insects in your blog. But do you ever spare a glance, a frame, or a digital shot for your pink flamingos? They, who give you nothing but love? And, you might note, are never infested????

They chose *you*, and how do you repay them?

Sherry said...

How come I can log into everyone's blog except Neil's? How odd is that?

Sharon said...

Yes, it's nearly time for the flamingos to return from Capistrano, or Vegas, or wherever they overwintered...I'll try to tear myself away from the six-legged things.

Steve, thanks for the link (nice site, very useful that Forest Service.) I'm afraid you're right.