Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Flowers

Poppy ^

Globe Flower^
Cool, overcast day, the first of a three-day weekend for me, so I went to the garden center and brought home stuff to plant: a globe flower, trollius chinensis "Golden Queen," (which is about four and a half feet tall) and an Icelandic poppy, papaver nudiaule "Champagne Bubbles" are two things I bought which I've never tried to grow. They came home with me because they met the qualifications of being "yellow" and "white" and "something new." Also along for the ride home were the more usual suspects: ageratum, verbena, lobelia, and these little pink-and-green-leaved plants, what are they again? Vinca, I think. Variegated vinca. Whatever it is, I got it and everything else in the ground just before the rain came down and the thunder rolled.


Sherry said...

Let me guess, you're observing the Queen's Birthday on the New Zealand calendar? Foundation Day in Western Australia? Bank Holiday (that's what it says!) in Ireland?

I'm delighted to report that I gave the azaleas a major crew cut and chomped at their roots with a spade for a bit. I'll pick them up in March. Much thanks for the guidance.

Sharon said...

Nothing so exotic as those, I just have Monday as my day off next week.
("Dear Lord, in my next life, do NOT let me come back as Sherry's azaleas. Amen.")

Sherry said...

And I adore your profile photo...