Sunday, September 14, 2008


Pardon the meta-post, but I just have to say, this is a blog which, if it garners 4 hits a day and 2 of them are from my brother, I feel accomplished. And that's what it's been garnering, for all 16 months or so of its existence. Then today, I use the word "graffiti" in a post title and not two hours later I've got 28 hits! I mean, I guess it could have been the word "library" in the title of the previous post...but who'm I kiddin'? And I know 28 is bubkas for a blog, but for me, at the moment, it's a personal best. (Even if it turns out to be from a 'bot.)
So, that's it. From here on in, all future post titles will contain the word "graffiti."
(Even if I do have to look up the spelling every damn time I want to use it.)

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