Sunday, August 16, 2015

Let's Be Practical


Kindles have their place, but it isn't the great outdoors on a summer afternoon. To survive that, you need ink on paper. It's simply more versatile. Consider:

Magazine:  Can shield you from the sun.
E-Reader:   Not a good idea to leave that in the sun.

Magazine:  Can be sat on to protect you from the dirt or sand.
E-Reader:   You need to keep the dirt and sand out of that.

Magazine:  Can be used to swat a mosquito.
E-Reader:   The light is attracting mosquitoes.

Magazine:  Sudden rain shower? Hold the magazine over your head as you duck under the tree.
E-Reader:   Sudden rain shower? Don't get that thing wet, get under the tree.

Magazine:  It's a warm sunny day. Use the magazine to create a small cooling breeze.
E-Reader:   It's a warm sunny day. You're holding a hot plastic rectangle.

Night falls.

Magazine: Let's you know it's time to go inside, when you can't see the print anymore.
E-Reader:  Lets you go on reading into the night, until the battery suddenly dies.

Wolves close in.
You wish you had a magazine to set on fire.


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