Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Key West Cats (and one from Long Island)

While we made friends with the southernmost felines below, our own four-legged Fiona stayed up north, the royally-treated guest of my ever-patient brother. (With this, her second stay, Fiona reached "Purr-furred Guest" status at the Murphy Meow-iott. How exciting!)

This is Pumpkin, a member of the staff at the Westwinds Inn, Key West. He's most attentive during the poolside buffet breakfast. He sees you have too much cream cheese for that bagel, he'd be glad to clear it away for you.

These other two were just passersby in the streets, they didn't have much to say for themselves.


Clytie said...

I love it when businesses have animals that call them home. Especially cats for some reason. Maybe because I love cats? And I really like these pictures! Looks like you had a "purr-fectly" wonderful time.

Sherry said...

Any six-toed cats related to the Hemingway herd?