Sunday, June 7, 2009

Babies Everywhere

Aside from the birds, about whom I can't shut up, late spring is alive with lots of other little forms of life. Above, you see the cutest little pest ever. Look at that shell, it's transparent! And so exquisitely small, for a sense of scale, consider those huge grooves he's crawling over: those are my fingerprints. Go on, look at your own fingerprints; that's how tiny he is. Ah, but he wants to destroy my vegetation, and so he, along with his many older relatives, was handpicked off the creeping phlox and daylily leaves and sidearmed into the street, where the birds are waiting to make breakfast out of him.
Below, hoping the birds don't make breakfast out of him, is a very young lizard, poking his head out from under the house shingles, where I believe he enjoys the warmth of the sun heating up the shingle. Also, it's very easy to skedaddle up and under and out of harm's way.


Clytie said...

How adorable! I've never seen a baby snail before! And the lizard poking his head out is a cutie as well.

Beth Niquette said...

A baby snail! We have the big ones--I've NEVER seen a baby before...and you have 'em on your plants?! I think ours must hatch down in the woods, and make their way up to the gardens. Wonderful photo.