Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a Small, Coincidental World, After All

An intense gentleman came to the desk looking for books on Paolo Soleri, an architect."Oh, sure!" I said.

"You've heard of him?" he said. He seemed surprised.

"I've been to Arcosanti, an experimental community he designed, in Arizona." I felt quite worldly.

"That's where I'm going, I'm going there!" he said. "I want to know if you have books about it."

"We do," I said. "We have a couple."

He left happy, and still intense. Two days later, the phone rang at the desk and I picked it up. It was another very intense man, who said, and I quote, "There's an experimental city somewhere in the desert in Arizona called..."

"Arcosanti!" We said at the same time.

"You've heard of it?" he asked.

"I've been there," I said, again feeling worldly, and now a little deja-vu-ey. It was definitely a different person, a completely different voice.

"Well, I want to know if it's been built. If it's a real functioning city."

"Well, I'm not sure what you mean by a 'real' city. I don't know what kind of municipal organization it has, if any. It's more like an educational institution. But I can look that up for you."

"But it exists? You've seen it?"

"Yes, it exists. You can even stay there overnight, if you book in advance."

"No, I just wanted to know if it really exists."

"Ah. Well then, yes...yes, it does. You can look online at a site I'll give you, or come in here and do that...or look at books."

"Okay, maybe I'll check that out."

Now those two instances by themselves is no big deal; it happens all the time that something gets mentioned on a TV program and there's a brief flurry of questions about it.

But then, the day after that, I sold a pair of concert tickets on line, and because there was a misprinted ticket, I had occasion to look up the name of the buyer, and noticed he was an architect, whose company's website mentions he studied and worked at... Arcosanti.

It's a small, coincidental world after all.

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Beth Niquette said...

Good heavens! WOW! There is no such thing as coincidence. One wonders what could be behind this wonderful story. (Grin)

When you find out, be sure to let us know. You are a lovely storyteller.