Monday, March 9, 2009

Relative Worth

It doesn't mean anything, I know that. It just strikes me as odd, looking at the sporting goods store's advertisement, to see that it's easy to spend four hundred dollars for a baseball bat. A glove can run you two, three hundred easy. Wow.

And how much is that helmet, the thing protecting your brain, gonna cost you? Uh-huh.


Beth Niquette said...

Oh, sound just like my Sissie! What a profound and great sense of humor you have!

I LOVE it!

Neil J Murphy... said...

That's a girl's helmet, you know. The faceguard is the giveaway.

Sharon said...

I didn't know that. You know an awful lot about athletic equipment now, don't you?
All I know is, the *most* expensive helmet sold by Dick's is 49.99. Why, I can buy *cleats* that cost more.

fun and rants said...
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Anonymous said...

People don't care about the brains of baseball players but do care about their ability to run and hit the ball.