Thursday, January 29, 2009


Waiting to pick up a prescription at the drugstore, I had some time to check out this year's Valentine's Day card gimmick: Candy in the card. Cute! I thought. But this is perhaps a project better handmade, as government requirements interfere with the romantic experience of reading a Valentine's Day card. Observe:Nice cover. And look, candy, I wanna tear it right open! Hey, look, there's a "Net Weight" statement right there on the front. Too bad. And you turn it over...

There's a bit of a buzzkill.
You open it and your eyes fall on a sticker in the middle, which, as bon appetits! go, is a little cold:
But you're not done yet. There's quite a bit more to know about that half-a-handful of hearts, not all of it yummy-sounding, and then? A warning:
...and on the back, another warning. Swallow carefully:
Aaaannd, we'll leave you now with a little bad news: you'll need extra stamps! Still have to squeeze in that ugly barcode, too! Happy Valentine's Day!


Steve Rogg said...

For every warning out there there is some poor dumb person out there that caused the need for a warning label.
Next time you see a sign like, "Do not stick your hand into these high speed spinning razor sharp blades." Just think, there is somebody out there named Lefty that did.

Sharon said...

So true! (I can say that; public servant that I am, I've seen it all.)
The regs just ruin the moment, that's all I'm sayin'...