Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In The Horn-Tooting Department, One's Own Division

Will you look at that, it's next Tuesday already! Time flies when you're d*&!ing around on Facebook instead of, well, d#!*ing around on your blog.
Anyway, it was a pretty exciting weekend, if you were me. Friday night we attended a high school drama production, which is one of my favorite things to do, as it is so earnest, so raw, so transparent, and so much more affordable than Broadway. Plus I usually know some of the actors. Always a cool thing. An extremely brief excerpt is posted here on YouTube, and here and here, thereby violating perhaps a half dozen codes of ethics.
Then, on Saturday, the postman brought the issue of FiberArts magazine in which three of my photos are published! And in which accompanying article I am extensively quoted! (Indeed, quoted to a point which makes me feel I am owed a shared byline, but whatever.) It's not an online article or I'd link to it here. And good luck finding the magazine on your local newsstand; neither Barnes and Noble nor Borders seems to carry it. Perhaps that ginormous news purveyor in Penn Station has it; you know, the one opposite the LIRR ticket windows. What's the name of that one? Neil says it's Hudson News.

To clarify, per commenter's request: this was a one-page article on the NYC Easter Parade, which I posted about last spring. I didn't even post any bonnets, because Neil had done such a good job at that. But I put a few on my Flickr page and a freelancer found them and requested permission to use them in this article she was writing. Remuneration? Um, personal satisfaction and a couple copies of the magazine? I'm not good at making money. But here's one of the photos, and there are others still on Flickr, keyword "Easter" on my page. Then, on Sunday, we had the attic insulated, some flooring laid down up there, and an attic ladder installed for access to it all! More news on that later. But first, I have to go put in the brackets for the basement window shades. I tell you, the excitement never ends.


Sherry said...

Can't you scan the stuff and post that? This is lovely. (Indeed, the entire idea of fiber arts is lovely.)

What photos? Can you post those? What context?

Good for you!

Steve Rogg said...

Hudson News is all over the US in every airport and train station. They should have been in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles". Are you in the January/February issue? It can be had on line for a mere bag of shells. Well done. I'd need a vacation after all that in one weekend!

Sharon said...

OK, I added a little clarification.
Yes, it's in the Jan/Feb issue, it's the "Travel and Traditions" dept, "NYC Easter Parade", page 62!
Once I get over the excitement, I think the three copies I got will be enough.
Okay, maybe I need one more.
What I'd LIKE to see is the printing of the photos Neil got PAID for.