Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eight Arms To Hold On

Finally, the videos you've all (not really) been waiting for: the Amazingly Intrepid Spider (With Soundtrack!) and the Same Fearless Spider On A Different Day. This little guy, a common garden variety arachnid much like the one pictured above, was living for several weeks in Ken's car's sideview mirror. Having built a web overnight, he (she?) would come out when the car started moving each morning, battle the wind for possession of the silky strands, and, having gathered or gobbled them all up, would retreat inside the shelter of the mirror's overhang for the rest of the ride to the parking garage in Jamaica, where he (or she) did who-knows-what all day while we were at work. Then, having traveled back home with us, he (or she) would spend the evening building another web. This went on three or four times we could see. Now, there's been no sign of the Tenacious One for many days, but for what it's worth, his (her?) indomitable spirit is captured in these movies.

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Neil J Murphy... said...

Probably found a job closer to home, with a less arduous and more reliable commute.