Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Postcard From Home

And so the summer this far has been restorative, with fireworks and outdoor food, friends in from out of town for the day, all the plants flourishing (though the butterflies are scarce to none this year) and of all things, Fiona has decided she does not mind, just once in a while, to sit quietly in my arms and (get ready for this...) purr. Yes, purr. Maybe it's the heat, but it's happened three times now, that I scoop her up to put her away in the evening, and... she doesn't struggle. So I just hold her lightly, ever so gently and, great Caesar's ghost, she purrs! For, as I said, a few minutes. So yes, it's been a lovely summer and I haven't even told you yet about the Most Intrepid Spider!