Friday, June 20, 2008

Out On the Water

The Seneca Lake Pier

Below, the Stroller IV, our tour boat
We had beautiful weather at the lakes, and we went for two boat rides. At Watkins Glen we toured sedately around Seneca Lake in a 1934 "motor vessel" made of Phillipines mahogony that was purpose-built and has been plying the lake tour route since it was christened.

At Otsego, we rode in the front on the second-story prow (what's that called?) of a much bigger ship. So fun. The trees cover most of the shoreline, as something like eighty percent of the lakefront property is undeveloped. And then we had lunch.

Ken on the Glimmerglass Queen, on Otsego Lake

A medieval style tower built by a landowner; below, a sailboat race

Veggie burger at Cooperstown's Lake Front restaurant comes with fruit, yum.


Neil J Murphy... said...

Okay, the boat is called 'The Stroller', so this means you nwere walking on water? How biblical.

Glad to hear it was 'purpose-built' as a boat. Unlike those other boats on the lake that started out as, say, Greyhound buses.

Sharon said...

Oh, for..purpose built AS A TOUR boat, not a RE-purposed private yacht.