Monday, April 28, 2008

High-Fiber Diet

When I got this willow fencing to screen the chain-link, I knew it might take a beating from the elements. Rust, rot, breakage, yes. However, I didn't expect it to be EATEN away by my nemeses from last year. As it turns out, these slow-but-persistent critters don't just eat tender young green things, no, they're thrilled with this brown-bark smorgasbord, and when I open the door in the early morning fog, there they are, lined up high and low like notes on a staff, "nom"-ing away like slimy LOLcats. Fortunately, rising early and picking them off into oblivion is not difficult, and beats wasting good beer on them.
Hmm. Any French restaurants in the area interested in a supply of fresh-picked, willow-fed escargot???


Neil J Murphy... said...

Try salt. Wet the fence and apply some kosher salt. Not so much that you'd do biblical damage to the ground, though.

Anonymous said...

A little garlic, a little salt and definitly butter. That will do the trick
So delicious and tender

tania said...

ha! thats crazy!!

you just gave me such a nice idea though- we have sad chain link too and maybe this is our solution- minus the snails of course-