Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Productive Day

Got Fiona's vaccination boosters this morning, weeded the front yard and driveway, planted two more relocated sedum, visited Garden World with Ken to look at the stones he'd found. (Going to go ahead with Joe's stone as it is prettier, but some of the ones at GW weren't bad at all...) Picked up two more pieces of luggage on sale at Kohl's, along with a market umbrella in tan canvas (a mere $35) which I took home immediately and installed on the 'patio'. Ken planted his veggies, I did the laundry, we booked a kayaking trip for June 6th in Ketchikan, and he went off to play softball. I wired a cheap little copper and glass candle-lantern to the good ol' rusty pole in the backyard. Can't wait 'till it gets dark and I can fire up the tealight inside it...

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